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You have rights

Landlords by themselves or through their real estate brokers will present a commercial lease to a tenant which in no shape or form protects the tenant in any way.


Leases are meant to be negotiated, changed and create balance between the landlord and the tenant.


Some laws are unclear or apply in one city but not another. Most lawyers do not know to handle a commercial lease. We specialize in protecting the tenant and therefore will negotiate each clause separately with the landlord or the landlord’s representatives.


Don’t let the landlords bully you!
We know the law!
And we will protect you!


We are different. We only represent tenants.


What can one do



The law is not a place to guess

The lease is exactly what is says; the contents are your terms, rules & regulations for the years that you are committing yourself to.


It is not a place to “wait and see”. Taking the right steps as early as possible is crucial in order to reach your goal. If you wait and see the light at the end of the tunnel, it could be the headlight of an oncoming train.


We specialize in commercial leases




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