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Areas of Practice

The FIRM Law Group has numerous areas of expertise including the following:

The Firm Law Group is a full service law firm that engages top attorneys concentrating in family law, personal injury, business and immigration. We have a reputation for being accessible to all our clients, big and small, with prompt, efficient, professional and personalized service.


The Firm Law Group, and all of our attorneys take pride in our commitment to our clients as well as our community. Our philosophy of offering legal services in a relaxed atmosphere and explaining every part of the process in terms you can understand empowers you to make informed decisions in your legal matters.



Family Law







Personal Injury



Business Law




Cannabis (Legal Marijuana) Law




Dedicated to Your Empowerment


Our client’s dignity and their right to make informed decisions at each stage of the case is our greatest concern. In short, we are committed to providing experienced, forceful advocacy for our client, as well as knowledgeable, comprehensive advice to our client. We are dedicated to your empowerment.

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